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October 17, 2011

Hello Cool World and #OccupyVancouver : Defined Issues, Real Solutions

By Kevin Young

It started with a simple call in Adbusters, a Vancouver based anti-consumerist magazine, and once the workplace of Hello Cool World's own Katherine Dodds, senior graphic designer Terry Sunderland, and photographer Nancy Bleck. The copy was to-the-point: “Occupy Wall Street. September 17. Bring tent.” Since that call to action, thousands of cities around the world have been rallying together in support of the occupy movement.

This past Saturday, October 15, the movement reached Vancouver and Hello Cool World was there to cover the event. With Bella Sie and a camera in tow, we hit the crowd to learn about what was on the people’s minds. Numerous social, economic, and political ideas were being shared.  The talk of “change” was a constant and the vibe of the crowd while being incredibly peaceful and happy – it was clear motivation was in the air.

This movement has sparked a dialog though a gambit of people. Young to old voices are hitting the streets. The occupy movement has inspired various groups of people to band together and collectively bring awareness to the fundamental problems that plague society. At Occupy Vancouver I had a chance to speak with a lady named Galena. She was there with her fiancé Bruce, both holding signs stating that they are the 99 %. The 99% of the population that is not satisfied with the way our governments have been governing.  They were not alone - fellow occupiers discussed the issues of corporate greed and the destruction of our natural resources. Overall the issues that were being discussed were important and vital to our communities. When you want to help people it is never a negative thing to stand up for what you believe in.

Critics of the occupy movement have cited that there are no clear defined solutions to the arguments being presented. However the movement itself is just beginning. It has sparked a platform for discussion beyond any government’s agenda, creating a way to summon groups to voice their opinions on their own terms.  Issues surrounding the environment, poverty, education, corporate greed, and more are being discussed by the masses – and I mean masses! Over 5000 Vancouverites occupied the area in front of the art gallery.  The message is incredibly clear: people want change.

I am very proud – and lucky that I live in a country where peaceful protest not only is allowed but also my right. This is a good thing. Stand up for what you believe in – rattle the cage, stay peaceful, and strive for solutions. The occupy movement is proving that corporations and governments are accountable for the decisions they make. They are for the people, and the people are crying out for change.  It truly is exciting to watch how this discussion has traveled and grown in just one month. When this many people share ideas on how to make the world a better place – something great can happen! 

Tag(s): Alternative Economics, Be The Media, Campaign 4 Corporate Harm Reduction, Climate Change, Corporate Personhood, Environment, Fair Trade, Drug Policy , Downtown Eastside, geopolitics, Harm Reduction, health promotion, Media Activism

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On October 17, 2011 at 05:59 PM Katherine Dodds wrote:
Kevin and Bella! So proud you were there to rep Hello Cool World while Colette and I were at Bioneers! Wonderful blog -- at airport now heading home xo see you tomorrow, Kat & Colette

Kevin Young is Hello Cool Worlds media buyer - and loves his job! He enjoys working with the media community and everyone here at Hello Cool World.


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