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February 23, 2012

US Premiere of 65_RedRoses on OWN!

By Michelle Reid

65RR OWN launch May 3 2012The day is finally here when we can announce the official US premiere of 65_RedRoses: Thursday, May 3rd at 9PM EST! We know many of you have been waiting a long time, so we are incredibly excited to finally have a date only ten weeks away!

65_RedRoses is a documentary about Eva Markvoort and her wait for a double-lung transplant. The new cut, which will be released later this year, shares the last chapter of her life and her message of hope and love.

Hello Cool World is the Canadian distributor of 65_RedRoses, and we also sell campaign materials to support the cause, available on our webstore in both Canada and the USA. We are committed to investing all the profits back into the 65_RedRoses campaign for organ donation and cystic fibrosis awareness, #4Eva.

Like 65_RedRoses #4Eva on Facebook to get all the updates about the film. It's a great way to ask us questions and learn about screenings.

We also have a 65_RedRoses mailing list, where we send out infrequent but important updates about DVD releases, screenings and more. Sign up here!Finally, we are still organizing community screenings around North America. If you'd like to bring the new cut of 65_RedRoses to your community, sign up to host a screening and we'll help you or your organization with all the details! 

We can't wait til May 3rd, but there's plenty of 65_RedRoses excitment in the next ten weeks! Check Twitter, Facebook, or the 65_RedRoses site for updates!

Be sure to Like 65_RedRoses #4Eva on Facebook! We lost the 8,000 members of our old group when it was archived and we want to get you back. It’s a great way to connect with us and ask questions about the campaign, as we always answer comments right away.
We are hoping that some of  you will even see the film before that. We’re still helping groups and individuals around North America organize screenings. If you’d like to host a screening, let us know here and we’ll get in touch with you!
Finally, join our mailing list! We’ll send out important announcements about screenings, DVD releases, and campaign updates. If you’re too busy to check the site frequently, it’s the easiest way to be kept in the loop

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Michelle is a freelance writer and anthropologist with a Master of Public Health from UBC. Her passions are promoting health and building community. She's worked in grassroots community organizations in Vancouver, Victoria and Oceania.


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