Toward The Heart

Project Description

In 2012, we created a custom-built website to showcase harm reduction best practices, and provide resources and support. We came up with Toward the Heart as the identity—a reference to the injection technique of always inserting a needle in the direction of blood flow—which helps convey a compassionate approach to health care. After the program grew considerably and BC declared a public health emergency in response to the overdose crisis, we re-launched the website in 2017. We continue to help create content as well as assist in social media outreach and ongoing site improvements.

Bevel Up Outreach (Film)

Project Description

Bevel Up, a film by Nettie Wild, follows the BCCDC outreach nurse team as they provide care for people in Vancouver's downtown eastside. The DVD includes extra materials that are useful in an educational context, and gives a human face to the idea of harm reduction. We worked on doing outreach on social media for the film, connecting it to communities interested in Harm Reduction. 


Project Description

We did WAVAW's identiity project creating a new logo, and going through a collabortive branding workshop. To honour their many years of service to women and their grassoots legacy we made their image appear organic and growing with the long form tagline: Supporting survivors since 1985, Shifting Sociey for the future. This can be shortend to Supporting Survivors. Shifting Society. 

Client Women Against Violence Against Women

LACE - Making Health Fashionable!

Project Description

Hello Cool World created a unique transmedia campaign for BC Cancer Agency. The first of its kind to use social media, short film, and grassroots outreach, LACE Campaign (Live Aware, Create Empowerment) turned the tables on the world of ‘ribbon’ branding, and made Pap tests fun (or at least not so bad). In 2011, we received an Award of Excellence in Health Promotion from the BC Medical Association.

One part of this project entailed doing a fashion shoot and PSA with the tagline: Don't forget what's inside! The ad ran on TV in during Pap Awarness week during the America's Next Top Model. 

Opt- Options For Sexual Health

Project Description

Options for Sexual Health was one of our first clients -- back when they were still Planned Parenthood Association of BC. We leaped at the chance to branding when they decided on a name change. What we love about their new name is how the short form - Opt - is also a word that means what they stand for! Opt for choice, Opt for health.

By My Name

Project Description

"By My Name" was the fourth video in the Star in Your Own Stories workshop series we did in collaboration with Chee Mamuk and First Nations communities, in this case the Nak'azdli band in Ft. St James, BC.


Project Description

Make Prevention Contagious! That was one of our taglines created for ImmunizeBC's story-telling campaigns to boost immunity via vaccinations.

The Corporation Film & Campaign

Project Description

The Corporation is Canada's top-grossing documentary of all time and winner of 26 international awards. We've done the branding for the film and campaign. We had a very successful crowdfunding campaign that raised money for the relaunch of the film for the 10th Anniversary which we are giving away to 1000 schools. The Corporation also partnered with Shadows of Liberty and Move to Amend to create a special mashup of our three films.


Project Description

65_RedRoses is an internationally award winning documentary and an official selection of the Oprah Winfrey Network's Documentary Club. Co-directed by Nimisha Mukerji and Philip Lyall, the film follows the story of Eva Markvoort, a young woman with cystic fibrosis on the wait list for a double lung transplant. It was Eva's wish that the film be used to campaign for organ donation and CF Awareness. We created the international #4Eva campaign, and are distributing the film in Canada. We partnered with BC Transplant who licenced the film to be used freely by all high schools in BC.

Inter Pares Illustrations

Project Description

As part of the branding process with Inter Pare we also proposed an engaging illustration style as part of the website design and for Inter Pares to use in multiple formats to tell their story. We recently completed a series of illustrations that are key features on the new website.