Micronutrient Forum

Project Description

We created a signature illustration for the Micronutrient Forum to use in promoting their upcoming Micronutrient Forum Global Conference, October 24-28 in Cancun, Mexico. Drawing on Mayan themed iconography, attention is drawn to women and girls, as the theme of the conference is "Positioning Women at the Centre of Sustainable Development. We look forward to extending this theme and illustration style as the conference approaches.

Get Checked Online

Project Description is a new, online STI/HIV testing service. We developed the overarching brand 'storyworld' and a range of promotional materials tailored to different communities, in close consultation with the BCCDC and stakeholders from regional health authorities. Three distinct concepts were put forth for audience focus testing which were then honed into the final designs that launched in January 2016 in the first phase of the program's expansion.

Client Clinical Prevention Services division, BC Centre for Disease Control

Generation Hep

Project Description

We created a branded campaign about hepatitis C targeted at Baby Boomers (born 1945-1965), coming up with an entire new demographic: Generation Hep. The rollout of the campaign is tied into World Hepatitis Day 2015, officially launching on July 28. We produced sky train ads, display banners, postcards, posters and a campaign website. Together with partners we formed a planning committee to steer the brand forward. Our vision is a national brand that has the resources to do a significant branding campaign while being grassroots driven. All so that our message that everyone in "Generation Hep" should get tested. It's easy and there's a cure.

Partners Pacific Hepatitis C Network, HepCBC, First Nations Health Authority, Lower Mainland Purpose Society for Youth and Families

Tags Educational Web Strategy Social Media Non-Profit Engagement Community Collaboration Graphic Design Marketing Campaign Illustration Health & Wellness Branding

Sisters Speak

Project Description

Sisters Speak is a project to share knowledge with young First Nations women and girls in Vancouver to prevent sexual exploitation. In May 2015, we launched the first phase of a digital storytelling campaign featuring a video, postcards, display banners and website.

Honouring Our Voice

Project Description

After doing a similar book about HIV last year for Chee Mamuk, Honouring our Journey, this new book focuses on the stories of those living with and affected by hepatiis C. Honouring our Voices uses photography and storytelling to impart important health information about how to test for and treat Hep C, wth moving stories about First Nations individuals and their experiences deadling with this disease. 

TB Germ A Cunning World Traveller!

Project Description

TB Germ — A Cunning World Traveller was created in collaboration with the TB Services team at the BCCDC with support from the BC Lung Association. This project is in six languages, English, Mandarin, Punjabi, Vietnamese, Korean and Tagalog and launched on World TB Day 2015. Now in the process of being evaluated the animation can be viewed in all languages on the BCCDC website and our vimeo channel.

The Corporation Website

Project Description

We helped The Corporation film celebrate its 10th anniversary by building a new website in Drupal using the Amani distribution developed by Peace Geeks. We made major changes to the appearance and created additional page templates to give the groundbreaking documentary renewed vigour as it campaigns to get the film free into 1,000 schools.

Client Big Picture Media Corporation

Tags Web Impact Production (Film) Illustration

Fish & Condom Card

Project Description

This one is a blast from the past! Still one of our favorites, this fish card was done for Deltassist Family Services in our very first year of business. We focus tested a group of young women (their target market) and this concept was born. We found the design was also popular with gay men! 

Leading The Way

Project Description

Leading the Way are two booklets of portraits of First Nations Chiefs who and their messages about HIV.

Being There: Teaching Video around HIV Testing

Project Description

Being There is a teaching video for health care providers. Beyond the mechanics of administering an HIV test, this video brings to life the experience of diverse people living with HIV and health care providers who have had to give an HIV diagnosis. It looks at the social and emotional factors that need to be understood to give good care to people who are often marginalized and stigmatized. We cannot show clips from this video for confidentiality reasons; however, it is being used widelyand was very well received.

"Working with the Hello Cool World team has been an exceptional experience.  They were able to take a complex clinical topic and turn it into an though-provoking and engaging educational experience that is consistently described as “brilliant”."
Elizabeth Elliot, RN, MN. Director of Nursing, Manager of Professional Practice, BCCDC (at the time of the video's production)