First Nations

Leading The Way

Project Description

Leading the Way are two booklets of portraits of First Nations Chiefs who and their messages about HIV.

Celebrate Health

Project Description

We created this First Nations focused campaign for Immunize BC with the goal of ensuring that the message was positive and celebratory rather then fear-based. We collaborated with the First Nations Health Council, who put us in touch with Andrew Dexel who licenced his wonderful artwork to the campaign. We also did a radio ad with Dr. Evan Adams doing a voice over and the music of Cheryl L'hirondelle.

Honouring Our Journey

Project Description

Honouring our Journey is a book of stories of those living with or affected by HIV.

Picturing Transformation Nexw'áyantsut - Book

Project Description

Hello Cool World founder Katherine Dodds, along with artist photographer Nancy Bleck and Squamish Nation Chief Bill Williams have authored this gorgeous coffee-table book that is filled with Nancy Bleck's photographic artwork. Bleck, along with Williams and the late John Clarke, co-founded the Uts'am Witness Project in 1997. This book showcases artwork from before, during and after this decades long project and tells the story of how this cross cultural collaboration resulted in the saving of a rainforest, now returned to its' ancestral name of Nexw'átantsut, meaning 'place of transformation." We also produced multiple short films to share the story.

Being There: Teaching Video around HIV Testing

Project Description

Being There is a teaching video for health care providers. Beyond the mechanics of administering an HIV test, this video brings to life the experience of diverse people living with HIV and health care providers who have had to give an HIV diagnosis. It looks at the social and emotional factors that need to be understood to give good care to people who are often marginalized and stigmatized. We cannot show clips from this video for confidentiality reasons; however, it is being used widelyand was very well received.

"Working with the Hello Cool World team has been an exceptional experience.  They were able to take a complex clinical topic and turn it into an though-provoking and engaging educational experience that is consistently described as “brilliant”."
Elizabeth Elliot, RN, MN. Director of Nursing, Manager of Professional Practice, BCCDC (at the time of the video's production)

LACE - First Nations Focus

Project Description

Hello Cool World created a unique transmedia campaign for BC Cancer Agency. The first of its kind to use social media, short film, and grassroots outreach, LACE Campaign (Live Aware, Create Empowerment) turned the tables on the world of ‘ribbon’ branding, and made Pap tests fun (or at least not so bad). In 2011, we received an Award of Excellence in Health Promotion from the BC Medical Association.

In 2010, Lee Anne Deneault won our LACE Campaign ad contest with a concept from her community based on cards with reasons to get your Pap. We travelled to Q'wemptsín Health Society in Kamloops where we did a photoshoot and a video. The materials we created were used to promote Pap Awareness Week all over BC that year. We made a short video, postcards, posters and even had a full page ad in Chatelaine Magazine. Even though the LACE campaign was meant for all women in BC, we were very pleased to have had a high percentage of First Nations communities sign on.

The Super Power Project

Project Description

The Super Power Project was a year-long collaboration with WAVAW to do a youth-driven multi-media campaign using workshops, video, art and social media to raise awareness and gender stereotypes and build skills to prevent aquaintance sexual assault. We worked with two groups of youth: Haisla Nation youth from Kitamaat Village, and diverse urban youth from around Vancouver. The project focussed on moving away from the boy = perpetrator, girl = victim stereotypes, and instead looked at how power dynamics affect sexual 'scripts' among dating youth, on "busting the myths", on the warning signs of abuse in a relationship, and on how friends (i.e. 'bystanders') can intervene to produce positive social change.

Full Page Magazine Ads

Project Description

For many of our campaigns we have done a full range of advertising buys, in print, radio, transit, television and bar ads. Here we showcase some of our full-page magazine ads in publications which include Elle, Chatelaine, Macleans, and the Walrus as well as the documentary magazine POV.

First Nations Technology Council STRONG Conference

Project Description

During the 2013 STRONG conference held by the First Nations Technology Council we conducted a spontaneous photoshoot with conference participants as well as video interviews. Photographer Nancy Bleck. FNTC is using these photos in their promotional materials. 

Photograher Nancy Bleck

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By My Name

Project Description

"By My Name" was the fourth video in the Star in Your Own Stories workshop series we did in collaboration with Chee Mamuk and First Nations communities, in this case the Nak'azdli band in Ft. St James, BC.